Thursday, November 21, 2013

Selfie disaster

I suck at taking selfies, feel uncomfortable and ridiculous. 
But I wanted to ask for help on what to wear as I was going to see David Sedaris at Carnegie Hall with my friend Åsa. 
First put on the wrap me dress. 

Then tried the Need dress. But when I checked the pics, I saw you couldn't quite see the whole person shoes and all. 

So thought I should stand on a chair. 
Sadly fell off chair and it hurt so much. 

And just as I cursed myself and the pain, I could hear the autorelease shutter smatter off, capturing the humiliation which I am now sharing with you. 

Then turned out it was freezing cold so I settled for long johns under my Fatal pants. Added Tux jacket and was ready to go laughing. 


  1. Your chair danger was not in vain. Those are cute shoes.

    Tho, maybe use the chair for the camera instead next time~

  2. Ok, Sedaris vore kul, lätt avis, men mejla mig skulle Philip Roth uppträda någonstans in the vincinity så tar jag flyget pronto.


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